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ERRS VP wins Community Award

ERRS vice president John Evans wins Scottish Rugby East Regional Community Award for his work with 24!! different local charities and organisations, primarily for his work with BATS rugby. ERRS also picked up a nomination for diversity and inclusion award for initiating procedure promoting diversity within refereeing across Scotland, however Gala YM picked up the prize for promoting rugby's positive and inclusive image.

Full article linked: Community Recognition Awards 2021 - East Region Winners | Scottish Rugby Union

Tappe Henning Calls Full Time On Scottish Rugby

Scottish Rugby's head of refereeing has overseen many of ERRS' highest achievements in recent years such as Hollie Davidson starring in multiple women's 6 nations and refereeing her first pro14 game as well as Finlay Brown refereeing the 2021 World 7s Events.

Starter kit for new referees

Edinburgh Rugby Refs want to make sure that all our new refs are well supported and have everything they need to kick off their match official careers. We’ve been putting together starter kits with a watch, whistle, cards and pencils for our new referees.


We wish them all well for the new season and our referee coaching team will be offering them to new refs very soon.

World Rugby press release on Global Law trials.

World Rugby have produced a press release in relation to Global Law Trials that will be implemented from August 1st 2021. Scottish Rugby will provide an Education programme in the coming weeks for coaches & match officials to help prepare for the new season. Details to be confirmed  

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