Making a [fashion] statement on and off the pitch

Those of you attending our last meeting at Canalside might have noticed our President and Secretary sporting some nifty new threads in the form of new ERRS jumpers. These navy blue numbers feature quarter length zips and allow our referees to mingle in the clubhouse after the match with the confidence of knowing that their fashion performance at least will be unquestioned! We were also delighted to be able to pass on new SRU sponsored tracksuits that should keep referees, ARs and coaches warm as winter approaches.

With all joking about fashion aside, referees visiting the clubhouse after a match is a big part of the rugby experience. Whether you have had a good game or a bad game (and that opinion often varies depending on whether the player you ask won or lost), it is important to remember that without referees voluntarily giving up their weekends up and down the country many games would not be able to go ahead. Be proud of what you have done, accept that you may have not got every decision right, and enjoy the camaraderie of this most social of games.

#fashion #errs #rugby #referee

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